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    what you see is what you get
    this is me, hey you
    if you want me, don’t forget
    you should take me as I am
    cause I can promise you
    baby, what you see is what you get

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    And as the summer’s ending, 
    The cool air will put your hard heart away.
    You were so condescending..
    And this is all that’s left:
    Scraping paper to document.
    I’ve packed a change of clothes and it’s time to move on

    Perfect end of summer song.

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    Met a fun cat today. #catsofinstagram #socratessculpturepark #wafflesfriend (at Socrates Sculpture Park)

    Met a fun cat today. #catsofinstagram #socratessculpturepark #wafflesfriend (at Socrates Sculpture Park)

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    #catsofinstagram  #wafflesfriend  #socratessculpturepark 



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    The Abyss Table by Duffy London

    This mesmerising table was first conceived by Christopher Duffy — and ultimately refined by the team at Duffy London — to represent a 3D geological map of an ocean floor. The Abyss Table makes use of contour lines, which are often used to denote topography in terrain maps, to render an island chain and ocean abyss.

    Contour lines can be thought of as workaround for the 2D limitations of paper maps, but Duffy instead relished these simplifications which have become iconic imagery for the field of cartography. He incorporates layers of wood to represent the land, and panes of glass for the water, in order to produce a 3 dimensional geographical model.

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